“A happy and healthy community is not a fairy-tale, all you need is a seed.”
— Nadia Shabaz


Resiliency by definition means the ability to spring back. When talking about a physical material it means being stretched to its most elastic state and then returning to shape without being deformed. I believe the human race is going through the process of stretching and we are all experiencing drastic changes in our families, our workplaces, and our environment at large. Not all change is bad but it sure can feel a little uncomfortable. I believe working together helps to make the process far more enjoyable and that is why Fireweed Learning Community was born.

My goal is to help support people as they work through a paradigm shift into a wholeness practice. I work as a Medical Intuitive, Life coach and Yoga Instructor utilizing Permaculture practices to help people form strong foundations within. I offer one-on-one services for individual healing as well as share this work by speaking at conferences, holding workshops, teaching classes and collaborating with other organizations and practitioners. 

As the vision grows, I am working to co-create on a  piece of land where workshops can be held on-site and a community with a foundation of  wholeness can be witnessed with all the senses.  The goal is to bring people from around the world to a place where they can positively connect with nature, have their best selves exploited, and learn all aspects of holistic living. I will demonstrate how collaboration, connection, and community builds resiliency in a model that they can return to their backyard with and replicate.


I believe in the richness of life, that beauty is everywhere, and that laughter is life's sweetest creation. This belief aids me day to day in being harmonious, happy, and loving. I seek knowledge and experiences which I share with passion. With charisma, I inspire and encourage others. I lead through example with my belief that every personal connection has meaning and I nurture each connection through patience, acceptance, understanding and compassion. I am approachable and attentive which allows me to give personalized service that leaves a positive imprint in peoples’ lives.