"Very great change starts from very small conversations, held among people who care" - Margaret Wheatley



Is the first plant to appear after a fire; a sign of new hope and resiliency. A single plant can generate 80,000 seeds & rapid revitalization of an area.



As we learn which patterns are serving us and which need to shift, we discover our true selves. The curiosity to learn aids us to bring forward whole-health and well-being.



As each of us takes response-ability for our whole-health we bring that back to our daily lives. This practice of well-being creates resilient communities.


It is my goal to create more than 80,000 ripples of change by actively embracing the practice of wholeness and being of service to those seeking change.

Medical Intuition

Potential to help individuals suffering with anxiety, mental health concerns, chronic and unexplained conditions and terminal or serious illness.

Life Coaching

Designed for you to experience help in seeing your greatest potential, intuitive insight, creative ideas, supporting actions, and a professional confidant.

Reiki & Yoga

Potential to help individuals with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. May also help with physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation or restoring balance.

A community built on authentic connection fostering true belonging working in harmony with nature.

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