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Experience FALL 2021 together with In Person gatherings (Sept 21 - Dec 21)

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        "Tawny's Fireweed Learning Community is incredible. I've always been drawn to spending more time in nature, and sharing that experience with my kiddos, but aside from going for walks - I didn't really know what else to do.Tawny provides education, tools, ideas to explore nature in a simple way (because I'm pretty sure I overcomplicate these things). I loved the history and information about Easter and St Patrick's Day and the dialogue it opened with not just my smallest, but my teens as well.I also love love love the journal prompts - again, something I've dabbled in, off and on for most of my life. The direction is a blessing and has helped me connect in new and creative ways.I cannot recommend Fireweed Learning Community enough and having this new and unique way to connect with my children.Thank you for creating this space Tawny."

        ~ Dominique Gautier 


        "Fireweed Learning Community is such a warm, welcoming environment. The content is beyond incredible. Tawny does such a great job at combining nature, spirituality and Indigenous teaching for children. Our children talk about the programming for days and are always looking forward to what is next."

        ~ Jessie Jones