Oracle Card Readings

Using the Senses of the Soul Oracle Deck accessing chakras,
plants and archetypes to explore your spiritual growth at this time
to help you live a life of purpose.

"Tawny is my trusted friend and my go-to person for tarot readings. She is so in tune with her powerful intuition and has numerous times helped me to explore my own life's journey and gifts in a deeper way. Time and time again, I have been astounded by the clairty working with her has brought me. I am so glad to share this path with her.
~ Naomi G

Tawny Stowe

About Tawny, The Woodland Priestess

Tawny Stowe is a Metis business owner who works on the traditional lands of the Anishnabeg and Haudenosaunee peoples now known as Arden, Ontario, Canada.

Tawny is a steward of land and resources which allows her to embody her role as the Woodland Priestess helping parents return home to themselves and their children through a (re)connection to the Earth. She teaches a remembering of the Mind-Body-Soul through the sharing of childrens’ stories, song, food, creative activities, gardening, spirituality + yoga practices, and nature exploration.    

Tawny is a Master Reiki Practitioner, has two Permaculture Design certificates, studies animal tracking & herbal medicine, is an oracle reader and has over 400hrs of yoga Teacher Training which includes 100hrs of Children's Yoga.

Tawny is the proud mother of one 5 year old active and curious boy who inspires her to step up as a community leader for better land stewardship practices and spiritual transformation. She volunteers in the homeschool community from Kingston to Brockville and is also a councilor for the Highland Waters Metis Council. 

Let the Journey Begin...