Welcome to the Group!


This is a support group for entrepreneurs who truly align with the values of connection, community, and collaboration. Everything is energy and we can utilize the world wide web to hold space for one another and the power of possibility of a collective working together!

Together we help to expose our best content by convincing the algorithms we have something to say! We do this in the form of thoughtful comments one each others posts on the Instagram and Linked IN platforms. At select times five times a week we post our links and comment within a one hour time frame.

On top of social media boosting you will also receive tips on exercising your intuition muscle, how intuition plays a role in finding your flow, and have access to live coaching sessions. This group is designed to give you access to a coach at a minimal cost to support you through health and wellness and to form a community that supports us all in business.

Throughout the month you will get:
1) Two Monthly group coaching calls. The first Tuesday of the month at 12pm and the last Tuesday of the month at 8pm. This is a Live Q&A on ZOOM to hold each other accountable for where we are feeling stuck, support and ideas on new territory, and a general check-in. It is a great way to utilize my coaching skills for you!!!

2)An opportunity to post your link and then thoughtfully comment on everyone else's link
** Instagram: Wednesday at 4pm, Friday at 10am, Saturday at 12:00pm**

**Linked In Tuesday 11am Thursday 3pm**

3) A space of like minded individuals holding energy for you and your success as they help your reach expand.

Collaboration is the way of the future and together we can support growth for all. I am super excited to watch this community grow and support each of you in finding your optimal flow to generate abundance with ease!