"Very great change starts from very small conversations, held among people who care" - Margaret Wheatley



Is the first plant to appear after a fire; a sign of new hope and resiliency. A single plant can generate 80,000 seeds & rapid revitalization of an area.



As we learn which patterns are serving us and which need to shift, we discover our true selves. The curiosity to learn aids us to bring forward whole-health and well-being.



As each of us takes response-ability for our whole-health we bring that back to our daily lives. This practice of well-being creates resilient communities.

A community built on authentic connection fostering true belonging working in harmony with nature.


When life feels out of control and I feel lost I take solace in finding a river. When I sit still and watch the water flow my mind clears and I begin to feel my heart beat as one with the Earth. On a warm summers day feeling lost and uncertain of my life's purpose I went to the river with my drum. I went with the intention of connecting to my soul and discovering how to best be of service in this lifetime. As I sat drumming and singing eventually thoughts and images began to flow. I found myself connecting to nature and becoming one with the feelings of the river, the mud banks, and the wildlife surrounding me. I got down on to my belly closed my eyes and pressed my forehead into the cool dirt. Quickly my mind filled with images of the plant fireweed, the hornet, and the sacred geometry of hornet's nest. The images came flooding into my vision swirling around with messages for me on who I am and why I am here. I slowly sat up and I began to journal the amazing imagery on the journey I had just been on and in the process Fireweed Learning Community was born.

The logo represents the four directions in the main petals which also form the infinity symbol. The infinity symbol is a direct connection to my Métis Heritage and represents the interconnection of all living things. The inner flower parts form the hexahedron which is sacred geometry. I chose the blue to represent the nest because of its connection again to the Métis flag but also for its connection to the Fifth Chakra. It is from our fifth Chakra we are able to voice our will for change and symbolizes my purpose for communication. The combination of the fireweed, the hornet, and the infinity symbol is to honour my vision of a community built on authentic connection fostering true belonging working in harmony with nature.




Is known as Willow herb in the East and Fireweed in the West coast of North America. It is a plant that represents resiliency and new hope as it is the very first plant to appear after a fire. Spiritually this plant is used to help resolve anger and past karma. It is said that journeying with this plants medicine will help you reach higher realms of spirituality and make many breakthroughs in your whole body healing. This plant takes us through our trauma and helps us to rise from the ashes and begin renewed and restored.