Booch On Tap

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Booch On Tap


Are you staying and having lunch with us? Pre-order a glass of BOOCH to go with lunch! 

What does authentic mean to you? The word is thrown around in our young industry quite a bit, as are buzz words like small batch and hand crafted.

To us in the Booch Organic Kombucha microbrewery it means not cutting corners, brewing in small brewing vats, not forcing carbonation into our brew, never pasteurizing, never adding sugar after fermentation, using all organic and wild crafted ingredients, and using water that is filtered to the best standards.

We do not ferment kombucha because it is cool or trendy... We brew it because we authentically love kombucha and fermenting all sorts of food and beverages has been a part of our lifestyle for a very very long time. Corporate profits and Canada wide expansion does not motivate us to get out of bed in the morning... connecting with the retailers and communities we serve around our core values of health promotion/education, local organic food sovereignty, and environmentally sustainable business practices.

**Please NOTE **
If you are unable to attend no refunds are available

Lunch is Booked with Curley Brewing Company by ordering separately 

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