Working with a life coach helps you identify your strengths, open up possibilities you may not be seeing, hold you accountable to change and celebrate your wins, and have someone trained to bring out the best in you.

Coaching can help with personal goals, professional goals, or health & wellness goals.  Working with a coach is designed for people who are ready to make changes in their lives and committed to doing the work. Together we can achieve great results!

Why work with me?

When working with me you get the benefit of years of international travel experience, Reiki, Yoga, and Herbalist tips, as well as years of proven self success making my own dreams come true. I can do this with you too by guiding you back to your soul's true desires!

Why a Whole Body Intuitive Scan & Coaching?

When are bodies are in optimal alignment the human body is designed to have a constant flow of energy.  As we go through our human experience sometimes our emotions get held up or lodged into places causing and energetic disruption restricting the bodies natural energy flow.

With the aid of a whole body intuitive scan and life coaching combined we are able to work together to discover patterns or emotions that may be at the root cause for energy flow disruptions. Together we can explore how to restore optimal flow to your mind-body-soul and how to use that flow to feel empowered and achieve your goals while feeling healthy and whole.