The greatest change we need to make is from consumption to production, even if on a small scale, in our own gardens.
— Bill Mollison


Pemaculture is a study of working with nature instead of against her. When we take the time to learn the way a system operates together as a whole and integrate into it, we are far more productive. Permaculture teaches us to seek out water, structure, and access before making any decisions and in doing so enables us to create systems that function well together. A good permaculture design has us in a collaboration mindset and can be applied to our gardens, large scale food systems or in any aspect of our lives. 

I studied the Permaculture Design Course with Rob & Michelle Avis at Verge Permaculture in Calgary Alberta.  This course did far more then teach me how to grow food in a sustainable manor it helped me evaluate my life and all the systems within it. I have interned and volunteered on a few different permaculture sites some which have been a mix of food forests and livestock operations. I also studied Holistic Management with Allan Savory to complement my Agriculture studies and tie both Agriculture and Permaculture together. 

Permaculture plays an instrumental role in the way I approach healing and has also inspired learning about nutrition. As you work with me in a Tour Of-The-Soul Guide you will likely hear me make reference to permaculture tools as part of your journey.

Interested in Permaculture? Contact me to discuss designs on your own property or for upcoming courses in Permaculture Design.