Reiki is a type of energy healing that focuses on intention, the movement of energy in our bodies, and the healing touch. Usui Reiki is a style that originates in Japan and was begun by Master Mikao Usui who lived in the late 1800's. In healing sessions, we help open and clear the Chakras of any blockages to allow your energy to flow freely throughout your body. Reiki is available for humans, livestock, and companion animals. I am a level 1& 2 certified Reiki Practitioner with Astramana Healing Services and Level 3 and Master with Inner Connection. If you are interested in becoming your own Reiki Practitioner or for distance healing please contact or book below. 

Access Consciousness

 Is an energetic process that connects with points known as bars in the head to release blockages. More then just an energetic technique access offers a spiritual mind shift to create everything you desire in a different and easier way.  I took my Access Bars certification with Synergy In Motion and continue to offer one hour healing sessions on their own or in combination with other services.