Tour Of-The-Soul Guide™

Merriam-Webster defines a Tour Guide as a person who takes people on trips through an area and explains the interesting details about it.

In spending 5 years backpacking I was both led and led people in exactly this manner. I have an inner gift that enables me to lead people into unexplored territory with comfort and a sense of belonging. Being an Empathic Telepath enabled me to go beyond the physical 3D and really tap into each individual's needs.

Taking my gifts to a spiritual level I am stepping into service to help people re-connect to their soul's purpose and desires. Tour Of-The-Soul Guide™ is my personal title and explanation for the work that I do to help guide you into a remembering process of the answers within. 

I have come to describe myself as a Tour-Of -The-Soul Guide. Having been a tour guide for a few years I am finding that role still suits me! I have an incredible gift at creating curiosity and leading exploration with confidence and comfort. In my own experience getting to know one's self took some exploring. I discovered that my gifts as a tour guide work for discovering new cities and towns just as well as discovering hidden talents and true desires within. As my way of being of service I am combining my international living experience with education and holistic studies to offer a holistic guided experience of remembering or rediscovering self.

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