As a holistic practitioner I believe the be healthy and well we need to work with the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of self. I work with Yoga to connect with self and to help the body move through emotions and feelings. I incorporate guided meditation, Reiki, and yoga teachings into my retreats as well as within my life coaching practice.


200 HR RYT - Registered Yoga Teacher

The science of Yoga is proven to assist mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through yoga classes (private or group) participants learn that there are many lawyers to life and to the Self and are encouraged to find an expression that suits their body both on and off the mat. Although the style of a class is different both adults and children benefit from slowing down, learning the parts of self, and being in a non-competitive environment. 

Having been trained by DevaTree in Cross-Disciplinary yoga™ I strive to foster the connection to the earth, empower the light within each individual, and encourage that each student knows themselves better than any outside source ever will.


I currently teach Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30 am  Hatha Flow Classes at Benders Yoga.


Class Description:

In my classes I teach a Hatha style that includes both individual poses as well as connective flows. This slower pace allows time to form strong foundations and makes poses available to all levels with a graduated sequencing. In my classes a mixture of meditation, poses, chanting, and breath work are included. Music is used in most classes and a great deal of self-expression is encouraged. A strong focus on language and themes (especially nature & the power within) are applied to each class promoting connection to self both on and off the mat. These classes are suitable for all shapes, sizes, and levels.

Photo by Nadezhda1906/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Nadezhda1906/iStock / Getty Images


HeartRise Children's Yoga Instructor

I am a certified Children's Yoga Instructor and studied at DevaTree. With the teachings of Tamika Schilbe and Carolyn Burke I can lead children into creative games and activities, breath practices, Pocket Poses, chanting, HeartRise Musical Movements, and children’s yoga flows. This program was born in the jungles of Costa Rica, HeartRise® is an earth-centered system that helps children befriend their inner voice and celebrate their individuality. I love teaching children or parents how to connect with children from a level of curious exploration. Contact me for one on one or group classes. 




Reiki is a type of energy healing that focuses on intention, the movement of energy in our bodies, and the healing touch. Usui Reiki is a style that originates in Japan and was begun by Master Mikao Usui who lived in the late 1800's. In healing sessions, we help open and clear the Chakras of any blockages to allow your energy to flow freely throughout your body. Reiki is available for humans, livestock, and companion animals. I am a level 1& 2 certified Reiki Practitioner with Astramana Healing Services and Level 3 and Master with Inner Connection. If you are interested in becoming your own Reiki Practitioner or for distance healing please contact